New York Consumer Fraud and Commercial Litigation Attorneys

We are a New York City law firm, devoted to prosecuting and defending the legal rights of individuals and small businesses, as either plaintiff or defendant, who are fighting in Court over issues of money or property such as breach of contract, deceptive practices and fraud, negligence and other issues involving commercial litigation.

New York City is home to the some of the best attorneys in the world. Lawyers here simply cannot survive without aggression and hard work. Our firm’s motto has been based on this no-fear mentality for 35 years: Whatever the size and resources of our adversaries, our strong and aggressive advocacy can still win the day. Many of our cases involve allegations of not only negligence, but also fraud and deceptive practices. Our New York consumer fraud lawyers often sit across the table from our adversaries and accuse them of lying or cheating. As such, our areas of litigation are not for the faint of heart.

Most importantly, our clients enjoy honesty and communication with their lawyer at our firm. Too often, clients complain that their lawyers do not return their phone calls or e-mails in a timely manner. Not at this firm. We know that the cases we accept involve high stakes for our clients, and sometimes, their lives’ financial worth. We take that responsibility seriously. While we in New York City are at the mercy of an overburdened and at times delayed court system, our New York consumer fraud lawyers communicate with our clients all along the way, whatever the status may be.

Our main objective in litigation is to use state and federal law to level the playing field: to highlight the strengths of our cases, and minimize the weaknesses. As such, our adversary lawyers and law firms respect us for our aggressive, yet civil and courteous, conduct in the litigation process. Some of our best referrals have come from opponents and their lawyers against whom we have done battle in Court in the past.

Law Offices of Kupillas & Unger devote over two decades of experiences in the law to fighting for rights for our individual litigants and small businesses. Over those many years, we have seen numerous successful verdicts, settlements, and decisions on motions. Our New York consumer fraud attorneys take great pleasure in putting these years of experience advocating for those who did not think they had a voice or did not think could win in litigation. We practice in the State and Federal Courts in and around New York City: New York County, Queens County, Kings (Brooklyn) County, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and counties north of New York City.

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