In November, 2019, Jeff Benjamin really stepped up for me against some pretty cagey characters. An individual and his company engaged in consumer fraud by selling me a share in the company he was associated with that he did not own. I presented my evidence to Jeff and he went right to work going after the culprit, and his family. After numerous delays and court motions, Jeff actually got the judge to freeze their assets before a formal hearing was scheduled to begin. He countered all their delays with firm action and got me a settlement that was more than I ever expected. He never quit representing my interests and I am thankful for all his efforts on my behalf.

Rick W.

We hired this Firm on July 20, 2018 to sue a company for fraud. While the case took longer than we wanted, the lawyers battled for 1 year with this nationwide real estate company to expose the scam they inflicted on us. In order to get to settlement, our lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin cut the Firm's fee in order that we could put more money in our pocket and settle. The lawyers here are honest and bent over backwards to make us happy and settle, and not drag out the case for years. We are so happy we went with this Firm. Thank you.


We have been with this Firm pursuing a case of fraud and unpaid wages since 2014. The defendants have tried to put up every roadblock in our way to hurt and delay our case. For 6 years, this Firm has defeated every nasty attempt by the defendants through some major wins in July, 2019. While the case is still far from over, we cannot believe the quality of legal services we have gotten from Jeffrey Benjamin. He really cares about getting us justice, and they are honest and communicative even with how busy he is. Whatever our end result, we highly recommend this Firm for commercial and consumer litigation clients.

The D, G and P Family.

I highly recommend this law firm. Attorneys Unger and Benjamin battled a real estate scammer who defrauded me out of substantial money. They were able to get a good result for me after the defendants put up numerous obstacles and delays over 18 months. And they were honest with me regarding their upfront and contingency fees. Definitely hire this firm if you are a victim of fraud or breach of contract.


I could not have asked for a better lawyer to help my parents get through a financial situation in which we didn't know where to turn to. Every meeting with him left us with confidence and assurance that we were being well defended and that we would win the case! Thank you Mr. Benjamin for helping us and always having our best interest in mind!

The T. Family

I hired Attorney Benjamin to help me against a very large furniture store who wouldn't return a very large sum of money that was owed to me for over a year. They fought me every step of the way, but thankfully I had a lawyer who proved worthy. He was compassionate and smart and he listened to me and my concerns. He was aggressive when he needed to be and he got me the results I deserved. I would have never been able to do this on my own, and I thank him for it!!


Attorney Benjamin is an excellent attorney. He battled a finance company for me for nine years, defeating multiple motions that were thrown at him over the years. He is an honest, compassionate and trustworthy attorney, and was an aggressive advocate for me for a long time. After so many years, he finally got a great result in August, 2015 after defeating still another motion by the lender. I highly recommend Attorney Benjamin.

Daniel O.

Lawyer Mr. Benjamin represented us for 2 1/2 years in a difficult contract litigation with a contractor and his two lawyers. He defended the case aggressively during that entire period, until he finally achieved a complete dismissal at trial in July, 2015. Mr. Benjamin is an honest and trustworthy lawyer and communicated with us promptly. His fee over the 2 1/2 year period was extremely reasonable. We highly recommend lawyer Benjamin to any client in commercial and consumer litigation.

Leonard H.

I have been a client of this attorney for about four years now and he has proven to be an effective, flexible and sharp attorney. He is able to explain and communicate effectively and get results. I highly recommend him.

Shane N.

Over the years I have had dealings with many of attorneys and I can honestly say that Mr. Benjamin is the best lawyer I have ever worked with. He's conscientious, and takes care of your case as if his own interests were at stake. He's professional, always answered my calls and takes the time to discuss the best course to take. Everything was done timely and efficiently. I couldn't be happier with the result. I wish they were all like him. The best decision I made was to use him for all my legal needs.

Nancy O.

Attorney Benjamin was very easy to work with. I did not have to worry about anything- he took care of a very adversarial plaintiff behind the scenes and fought very hard to get my case dismissed. I highly recommend him.


Mr. Benjamin took the time to go over our strategy for my case. And he was able to get our case dismissed in our favor. I'm completely satisfied with his service.

Sharon F

Lawyer Benjamin helped my family fight the bank until we received an affordable loan modification that allowed us to keep our home. He was patient and informative throughout the process and stuck with us from start to finish. What a lawyer!

Carolyn M.

Mr. Benjamin is very experienced in helping me with an identity fraud case. He also responds immediately when i reach out to him (very important). He is very personable and really looks for options to keep my fees down.

Identity Theft client

I was lucky to find Attorney Benjamin in 2007 after becoming a victim of a real estate scam by another lawyer and real estate broker. The person who defrauded me was a long-time real estate attorney and I could not find a lawyer that would even take on my case. I was not even sure I could get money back from what happened. Mr. Benjamin was professional and accessible throughout the entire 3 years ordeal of litigation. We eventually went to trial and proved to a jury fraud counts and breach of fiduciary duty, and were awarded a $200,000 verdict including additional damages. Attorney Benjamin remained as dedicated from the first day I met him to the last day of the trial. He is a true advocate for the underdog and I was so pleased with his representation of me in a most difficult case.

Diane W.

My experience with Lawyer Benjamin over 3 years was excellent. He aggressively litigated for my mother against a car lender and dealership to get her out of the deal. We saw how hard he worked, and he communicated with us all along the way until he got us a great result. I also highly recommend him for his honesty and attention to my mother’s needs.

Antonio J.

Attorney Benjamin battled on my case for 8 years before getting an extraordinary result. He overcame every roadblock that was set against us by the defendant in our case, both in and out of court, over that long and difficult period. The defendant was represented by a top insurance company, and fought us every step of the way. I so appreciate the hard work and dedication he showed in my case to bring a successful result even after so long. I highly recommend Lawyer Benjamin to anyone seeking legal services.

Norris W.

As a layman in the world of banks and mortgages and all the fraud that goes on, hiring Mr. Benjamin was the absolute best thing I could've ever done. Hands down he is the best in the business. With his confidence, knowledge, patience and disarming demeanor, dealing with a mortgage related issue without him is completely the wrong thing to do. He handled my case with precision, ease, and the know how to get the job done properly with only the best outcome for me.

Elly G.