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The firm also represents construction contractors and sub-contractors on a variety of issues between the two, along with the owners of the property. These claims can include breach of a construction contract, mechanics liens, bonding issues and deceptive practices by one or the other party. Construction businesses and owners often need legal representation from a New York City construction lawyer to litigate their unique claims under laws that specifically govern the construction industry.

Many of such construction contracts can involve hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars and represent significant investment from our individual and business clients alike. When a project goes bad in New York, there are potentially numerous actors involved in the mess including contractors, architects, engineers, other specialty trades in addition to the owners themselves. It takes a high degree of expertise in the Construction Law field to “speak the language” of the construction industry which Law Offices of Kupillas & Unger has done for two decades. We are very comfortable speaking the same language as all the players in a construction projects both large and small.

All of the above said, the cases obviously rise and fall on the quality of expert testimony, both written and oral. Only an expert can testify to the custom in the construction industry as to payment for construction services, disagreements over payment for additional work, back charges in dispute, stop work orders and delays, and the breach or termination of contracts.

Cases can also revolve around architectural or engineering errors or omissions implicating those insurance policies for recovery. Depending on the contract, a construction issue can sometimes be resolved through arbitration, mediation or litigation. Often, insurance companies deny or disclaim coverage for various reasons, such as late notice, and refuse to defend a lawsuit. The construction attorneys at our New York City firm can help fight back against an improper denial of coverage.

Home Improvement Scams

The biggest and most important investment families will make is their homes, and improvements should add value, not hardship. Before entering into a contract, shop around for estimates, check in with the Better Business Bureau, banks, suppliers and neighbors for references, and know your rights: you have three days after signing a home improvement contract to cancel it.

Home Improvement scams come in a variety of flavors. On the less serious end, a contractor can very simply breach a contract and not perform to a contract or which he or she agreed. However, a contractor may also never intend to do certain work nor have the ability to do certain work from the outset thereby deceiving the consumer into purchasing a home improvement contract from them. Our New York City construction attorneys have also seen cases involving contractors who do not conform to City Building Codes causing substantial damages to the consumer, as well as certain unlicensed home improvement contractors engaging in work and then illegally seeking money from the consumer. Other examples we have experience are the fraudulent inducement of a consumer into a modification of a contract requiring the consumer to pay more for work that should have been done under the original contract, but as alleged by the contractor is necessary to be further compensated.

Law Offices of Kupillas & Unger files and defends Construction Law claims New York City’s five boroughs, including New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Kings, Bronx, Staten Island (Richmond ) counties, Long Island’s Nassau & Suffolk Counties, Westchester, Orange, Rockland and certain up-state New York counties.

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